Art director and photographer based in Stockholm.

I grew up in Västerbotten in the north part of Sweden, but started my career as a freelance photographer in Stockholm 2008. I always liked to work conceptually and in 2018 I chose to study art direction at Forsbergs school of advertising in Stockholm and graduated in 2020.
Today i work in the field of art direction, concept ideas, branding, photography and film.

Digital designer - Houdini Sportswear

2020 - 2021
Art director and photographer

2018- 2020
Forsbergs school of advertising

Freelance photographer

Houdini sportswear, Ericsson,  Natur och kultur, K-Märkt, Garant, Björnkläder, 5 preview, Husqvarna, Diplomat Hotell Stockholm, Electrolux,